Johnny had an Amazing Day At Manchester Football Club

MCFC JohnnyJohnny was diagnosed with 22q at 2 years old. He turned 8 in December and is mainly affected by speech and language issues, and can be anxious with unfamiliar situations and people. He loves playing football and watching Man City, and his favourite player is Kevin De Bruyne. We live near Glasgow and planned a trip down to watch them play in their FA Cup match v Fulham on Sunday. I emailed the club Supporter Liaison Officer to ask what time the team bus would arrive so that Johnny could see Kevin arrive, explaining briefly his condition and that he gets anxious.

We were absolutely blown away by their response, promising to make Johnny's day special. He was given access to the 'blue carpet' where he could high-five the players as they arrived off the bus, then taken on to the pitch before the game to have his picture taken with the team.

At first when I spoke with him, Johnny was unsure about being on the pitch with 40,000 people watching on, but was so excited at the experience he was an absolute star and went on with the other boys and girls in the group, leaving me at the side of the pitch.

The club were extremely accommodating, letting Johnny decide what he was comfortable with and giving me the opportunity to be with him whenever he needed support. I think he gained a lot of confidence and self-belief on the day and surprised his family, and maybe himself, at how brave he was! I know this was a big deal for him.

Johnny is second from the right in the second row, wearing the yellow kit.