Coledale Horseshoe Max Appeal Ramblers

13th July 2019 to Sunday 14th July 2019

ColeshoeThe second of our rambles was in July where we met once again to tackle the 12 peaks of the Coledale Horseshoe in Cumbria, following our usual format of meeting in the bar the night before to discuss plans we set off on a warm morning looking forward to the stroll ahead, little did we know what lay ahead as our guide Martin had downplayed the effort needed to complete the walk. Once again the views were stunning and the weather stayed good for us but boy was this a tough walk. Working together we climbed each peak as a team, it's difficult to explain the bonds that are made as everyone is supported to help overcome their fears.

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us this year, one of the aims of the Ramblers is to forge long lasting friendships amongst participants and this year was no different, I hope in 2020 others are able to join us for what are always superb weekends with some tears but also plenty of laughs