Leave a Legacy

Remember Max Appeal in your Will

Why leaving a legacy to Max Appeal is important.

Max Appeal is funded from generous donations from our supporters, organised fundraising events and income through Charitable Trusts and Foundations.

Our work continues to grow each year. More and more children are being diagnosed with Di George Syndrome, Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome and 22q11.2 deletion and their families contact Max Appeal for help and support. It is a life long condition and it often presents different problems for those affected throughout their lives.

If we had a legacy left to Max Appeal this is what we would do with it;

  • We will provide advice, help and support for children and their families affected by helping them in a real and practical way.
  • We will work to increase the understanding of the condition with healthcare professionals, educators and other charities who support children affected.
  • We will provide opportunities for children to develop their skills and slef confidence to help them overcome their disabilities and improve their quality of life.
  • We will work in partnership with doctors to help children and their family's access services needed.
  • We will support research to understand the condtion and advancements in the medical care of those affected.
  • We will promote and help devlop independent living and social care for those affected.

Our Vision

Max Appeal's vision is of a Society where children and adults affected by 22q11.2 deletion are valued and able to fulfill their potential.

How to leave a gift in a Will

It is important you consult an independent professional to ensure your wishes are carried out.
Below are some useful websites which can help you access professionals who can help you;
If you want to find a solicitor specialising in draft wills go to;


You can choose to leave a legacy in a number of ways

A set sum of money


A share of your estate (percentage)


An object

Your personal circumstances will vary, but it is useful to think about the sort of questions a professional will ask you before you visit them, Visit the following website www.patrickwise.co.uk/making2.html to see the most likley questions you will be asked.

If you want to leave something to Max Appeal

Here are three important things to include;

Offical name of the charity: Max Appeal

Registered Office Address: 15 Meriden Avenue,
Woolaston, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 4QN

Registered Charity Number: 1088432

If you have any questions please email claire@maxappeal.org.uk or phone 01761 462578

If you do leave a legacy to Max Appeal and you don't mind letting us know in confidence.

Please let Claire Hennessey know by;
Writing to the Max Appeal Office, Coombe Lodge, Bladgon, Bristol BS40 7RG
Telephoning 01761 462578
Emailing claire@maxappeal.org.uk

Our gratefully thanks goes to Patrick Wise, who kindly provided expert advice in putting together this information.

Patrick has worked for many years in the charity world.

Many thanks for supporting Max Appeal