22Q11 Awareness Month of November
1st November 2019 to Saturday 30th November 2019

Image: 22q_awareness_in_powerpoint_medium.pngNovember is the special month to raise awareness of 22Q11 DS.

22Q11 Awareness Month of November

table topAs 22Q11 awareness November approaches we are hoping to help our members with organising lots of fun events and activities throughout the whole of November, events such as 'have a brew for 22q' and family meet ups.

Why not hold a "Have a Brew for 22Q
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22 for 22Q

MedalThe month of November is important on the 22q11 calendar as it's awareness month so here at Max Appeal we are inviting members, families and friends to take part in our virtual race, not only will you be helping to create awareness but also working towards your very own reward medal.