Ivy'v Story What care and support is available for those with deletion 22q11 syndrome?


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Belfast Family Meeting

W5 Centre BelfastW5 in Belfast's Titanic Quarter provided a great family friendly venue.

The children (including the big ones pushing the buggies) thoroughly enjoyed the interactive science based attraction and all had a good lunch with a small pitch asking for volunteers for our parent panel.
W5 Belfast Right Arrow
Heartbeat NIWe were pleased to meet up with some families from Heartbeat NI which is the thriving family support group for heat children in Northern Ireland.
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22q IrelandAlso, and by a complete coincidence, while investigating the excellent indoor market in Belfast, the Wootton's (literally, as in "Oops, sorry!") bumped in to Margaret Curtain of the Irish (Eire) 22q group who happened to have travelled up from Cork!
The event was huge fun for everyone and Max Appeal is delighted to have spread its wings from mainland Great Britain to now have covered the whole of the United Kingdom. The next NI gathering is warmly anticipated at the end of January 2013!