Ivy'v Story What care and support is available for those with deletion 22q11 syndrome?


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Carol Tripp is hosting a 'Have a Brew for 22q' event, 12th November in Kyrenia, North Cyprus

First International Have a Brew event.

ctCarol Tripp is hosting a 'Have a Brew for 22Q' event on the 12th November in Kyrenia, North Cyprus, she hopes to have 30 plus attendees from her local craft group and they will be selling cakes and holding a raffle, the local English speaking newspaper has said they will attend too, to write a small article.

Full write up below.

The local newsletter write up...

Carol (Trip) brought in a 'The Times' article, which was starting an awareness campaign for a child's little known-about and little-recognised (also by the medical profession at large in the U.K.) condition. Her own grandchildren have this, known officially as '22q11 syndrome'. The charity is MAX appeal.
On 12th November we shall have a coffee morning at Amore, with Carol providing literature and information sheets on this children's serious health matter. Members have said that they shall bake and bring cakes and biscuits to help support this appeal. SOOOOOOOOOOOO Ladies, over to you.


ctMy Grandson Adam suffers from 22q11 deletion syndrome. His family, my son Mark and his wife Kelly have received a lot of support from Max Appeal , there were very dark days at times for them, but the support they have received from the charity has helped them so much.
So with this in mind I felt honoured to be asked to hold a coffee morning, in North Cyprus. I belong to a craft group where I thought would be the best place to spread the word and hopefully raise some money for the Max Appeal.
The support I received from this group of expats about 30 in total made me feel very humble. The homemade cakes, biscuits ,mince pies and all sorts of goodies these ladies made were beyond belief . Enough to have with coffee and to raffle later in the morning . All of which raised 485 Tl (local currency) which when exchanged into sterling meant 100 .
I gave a talk on 22q11.2 and what effects just a small piece of missing chromosome can have on these children. I also spoke of the charity Max Appeal and the help and support they give families, as I know they have helped my son's.
m glad I have been able to support Max Appeal.