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Lee & Mark Mitchell's Miles Fundraisers for Max Appeal

Lee & Mark Mitchell's story so far....

lee mWe are now currently 4 events into our Fundraising Challenge for Max Appeal with 2 left to go. At the beginning of 2015 we set ourselves 2 goals one was to complete 6 unique challenges and the other was to raise awareness for 22Q11DS and a minimum of 5000. As of right now we are on track to successfully complete the goals.

Still smiling...

lee mSo far we have ran in 3 ultra marathon events, which is over 45 hours of running covering 189 miles, we have cycled from Weston Super Mare to Beachy Head, off road, across the South Downs, over 220 miles. It is amazing what you can put yourself through and what militias you can push your body to and it will still keep on going. I carry a picture of my family with me so that when it's cold, dark and raining in the early hours of the morning and I am struggling to walk never mind about run, I get it out and remind myself as to why I am doing this. In 2-3 days time my body will recover but for my daughter and many others like her they fight daily for many things we take for granted and that is why I can do these things, it's nothing to what some people go through and yet they continue to smile through it all and carry on.

We have 2 events left to go one at the end of August and one the beginning of September both are 62 miles long ultra marathons.

If you would like to donate to this wonderful fundraiser, please see link below...

Fundraising and raising awareness is also on target, we have almost hit the 3000 mark with donations and support from people all over the world, we have organised bake sales, a raffle and a medieval night as well as friends doing challenges themselves for Max Appeal and supporting us, our Church St Botolphs at Quarrington and Sleaford Town Football club have all been involved in supporting the appeal. The local Gym, Fitness Zone is organising a pamper day, we have a Race Night and a few other things coming up to help us hit the magic 5000 and above.

Newspapers, radio stations have all been involved in raising awareness of 22Q11DS and I speak about it at every chance I get at all the events and on my travels.

When all this is completed the next hardest thing will be deciding what we are going to do to beat these challenges to continue to raise funds and awareness for Max Appeal, suggestions are welcomed.

Lee Mitchell

https://www.justgiving.com/MitchellsMiles Right Arrow
lee m