Ivy'v Story What care and support is available for those with deletion 22q11 syndrome?


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Big Max Appeal Thank you to Matthew Dodd.... Some brilliant fundraising...

mdMatt ran the London Marathon 2015. In 3:15:23

He says "In terms of the marathon itself, it was an incredible experience and something which I'll never forget. The support throughout the entire route (some places were five or six people deep) was amazing and after 22 miles, this was the only thing that kept me going. It was great to have so many friends and family along the course and also to celebrate with afterwards. All in all, it was a really enjoyable day and I would definitely recommend the London Marathon to anybody considering a challenge for charity."
cakeMatt also has been raising funds by growing his hair for 5 months, going teetotal for two and a half months, a comedy evening and a tennis tournament that included a BBQ, cake sale and raffle.
mdand raised an absolutely huge amazing 4054.05