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22q Groups Around The World


Image: argentinian_group_logo_medium.jpgFamilias 22Q11.2 D.S./VCFS - Spanish language VCFS site for Argentina! Right Arrow


Image: vcfs22q11_foundation_nsw_medium.jpgThe VCFS 22q11 Foundation and cover all of Australia and New Zealand.

Friendly bunch.. get in touch!
VCFS 22q11 Foundation Right Arrow


Image: vcf_belgium_logo_medium.jpgVECARFA Belgie, (Dutch language). Right Arrow


Image: relais_22_belgium_group_logo_small_medium.jpgBelgique - Relais 22 (site francophone) - Belgian French language site (en cours de construction). Right Arrow

Canada - clinic for 22q11DS adults

Dalglish ClinicThe Dalglish Family Hearts & Minds Clinic for Adults.

The first of its kind in the world. Run Dr. Anne Bassett and Dr. Alan Fung, it is a one-stop-shop for adult patients and their families.

The clinic provides them with multidisciplinary and collaborative care from specialists in psychiatry, endocrinology, neurology, cardiology, social work, nutrition, and genetics.

Loads of information.. this is a unique service.
Dalglish Family Hearts and Minds Clinic Right Arrow


Image: c22c_logo_medium.jpgChromosome 22 Central - English language. C22C are multinational, with representation as far off as Chile! You may see some suspiciously similar wristbands on their site, but of course you can get top-quality ones from us back here in Blighty!!! Right Arrow


Image: generation_22_medium.jpgGeneration 22 - French support group, hosts with VCFSEF of the Strasbourg 2006 meeting. French language site. Right Arrow


Image: german_group_logo_medium.pngDeutschland - KiDS-22q11 - German 22q11 support group (German language) covering Germany, Austria and Switzerland Right Arrow


Image: 22q11_ireland_logo_medium.gifThe 22q11 Ireland Support Group. Congratulations to Anne Lawlor for setting up her Irish charity! Right Arrow


Image: italy_aidel_logo_medium.gifAIdel22 - Italian 22q group - Italia - Associazione Italiana Delezione Cromosoma 22. Right Arrow


Image: netherlands_logo_medium.jpgNederlands - Het Oudernetwerk VCFS - Dutch language support group. Right Arrow


Image: norway_logo_medium.gifNorwegian DiGeorge supoprt site.Norge - Foreningen DiGeorge Syndrom. Right Arrow


Spanish groupVisit the web site (went live in June 201) for information and support for people in Spain or if you wish to visit Spain and would like to know about local support and information. Right Arrow


Image: sweidish_ogo_medium.gifSverige - Foreningen catch 22 22q11 deletionssyndrom - The Swedish 22q11 support group! Right Arrow


Image: swiss_logo_medium.jpgA Swiss 22q11 site, French language and all that cool mountain air. Right Arrow


Image: int_22q_del_found_logo_medium.jpgThe International 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome Foundation. Right Arrow