Ivy'v Story What care and support is available for those with deletion 22q11 syndrome?


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A Great Big Thank You.......

Max Appeal says THANK YOU....

Thank you for your kind support Mrs Field for your donation of 215 in memory of your late husband.

Max Appeal would like to Thjank..

Bewdley Rotary and Rotarian Mr Andrew Page for 100 each.

EPD Fundraising 240 for Halloween Cake Sale & Quiz and a further 50 from their Charities Committee.

165 from Shelly Chapman Running Club Hamper Run on New Years Eve.

Jeans for Genes 2,500 for Teenage Camp weekend.

Hayley Delicata 241.50 from Have a Brew, match funded by her employer Pfizer 150.

Sandra MacNicol 150 Pharmacy Distribution Centre.

Govan and Neil McCathie 2,534.25 who ran London, Birmingham & Malaga Marathons.

Thank you Chris Simpson

Chris Simpson ran the Peterborough Great Eastern run in October 2017 and raised 1225. Thank you Chris for your support and hardwork.

Thank you St Fergus Primary School

St fergus schoolThank you to Mayah for putting Max Appeal forward.
They raised a whopping 605. We are so grateful for your support.

A big thank you to MAZDA

Image: photo_133729188_medium.jpgA huge thank you to Fiona Ross at Mazda for organising a coffee morning and a fashion show, with proceeds going to Max Appeal. The coffee morning in November raised in excess of 500. The fashion show was held at the beginning of December and was a huge success. There was cheese
and nibbles on the night, a welcoming glass of fizz and stalls selling crafts, soaps, pictures, flower and candle arrangements, popcorn and wine tasting.

The staff modelled the clothes which were all current styles from high street chains at a great discount, from SOS Fashion. The clothes were modelled expertly by MAZDA employees. Lots of bargains purchased and a great night for all.

The evening raised 700 for Max Appeal.

Thank you so much Mazda and Fiona Ross.

A big thank you to The Farmer family

Image: photo3545345_medium.jpgJulie and Paul Wootton attended a lovely evening at Halesowen Leisure Centre, on Sunday 3rd December.

Julie said a few words about Max Appeal and then Julie and Paul presented Certificates and Plaques to all the young swimmers.

The sponsored swim which was back in October raised 1,051, which was match funded by Swim For It Club. Max Appeal was nominated by the Farmer family, as Eve and Tommy (who has 22q) attend the club and both took part in the sponsored swim. Eve swam 2.5 kilometres and Tommy 50 metres.

The other charity who were supported were Penns Meadow School in Wordsley.

We were pleased accept a cheque for 1,051.80, far more than we expected.

Thank you once again to the Farmer family.

Nathan Hewison - Nathan's White Collar Fight

Nathan HThank you to Nathan for raising 300 for Max Appeal.

A Huge Thank you from Max Appeal for the following donations

Keysoft Solutions 200.00

Peter Vardy Foundation 100.00

Hugh Fraser Foundation 1,000.00.

We are very grateful for your support.

Averie's Sponsored Hair Cut

Averie BellAverie would like your sponsorship to support her in having her first significant haircut. As well as raising money for Max Appeal Averie will also be donating the significant amount of hair that she is having cut to the Princess Trust that provides children suffering from Cancer with real hair wigs.
Thank you so much Averie, you have done a wonderful thing for Max Appeal and The Princess trust. She has raised over 600 so far.
Here is the link to her just giving page:
https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/averie-bell?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=updates&utm_content=Averie-Bell&utm_campaign=updates-facebook#updates Right Arrow

A Massive Big Thank You to Aaron Bullock and Powerleague

Image: pic_medium.jpgOn Saturday 17th June The Max Appeal Broadcast Fives Football tournament was held at Powerleague Shoreditch in the Centre of London. On an extremely hot and sunny day 20 teams from the Broadcast Industry took battle to find out who would be the 2017 Champions!

Before the event there was an opportunity for everyone to learn about Max Appeal and
22q .11 deletion Syndrome. Chace Bullock who is 10yrs old was diagnosed with 22q .11 deletion syndrome at the age of 2, opened the tournament getting over 200 grown men to do the 'Dab' and being brave enough to say some words on the mic!

Each team played in a Champions League style group stage where they played 4 fixtures of 15 minutes. At the end of the group stage the top two teams qualified for the cup knockouts, with 3rd and 4th going into the Plate competition and 5th place going into a wooden spoon competition.
Congratulations to all teams that took part on the day. There was some great football played in very hot conditions! The Wooden Spoon Winners were Deluxe Digital B, and the Plate Winners where FC Handle.
It was the team from ITN News who were crowned the Max Appeal Broadcast Fives Champions 2017 after beating Smoke and Mirrors 2-0 in the final. Ex England and Liverpool Football Captain Mark Wright presented the trophy to ITN.

The event raised 1067 for Max Appeal and we are hoping for the event to be even bigger and better next year

Aaron Bullock UK Corporate Sales Manager (left Chace's daddy ) receiving the cheque from Rupert Campbell CEO of Powerleague Fives (right)

Aaron Bullock and Powerleague 'DAB'

Image: pic_259057252_medium.jpg.

Max Appeal would like to Thank Mazda

mazdaMax Appeal would like to thank Emily Wood, Rob Wood and team at Mazda for holding a "Have a Brew for 22q" and raising 500. Thank you for you support.
That cake looks amazing !

Thank You Helen for your support

GNR 17 helenA fantastic blog by Helen who ran the GNR for Max Appeal and raised over 890.

Also an article from Railnews is attached.

https://doyouevenrun.wordpress.com/2017/09/12/the-great-north-run-2017/ Right Arrow

A Great Big Thank You To Tommy and Evie

Image: evie_medium.jpgA huge well done to Tommy and his sister Evie who did a sponsor swim to raise funds for Max Appeal. The sponsored swim Evie and Tommy (Tommy has 22q) did took place on Sunday 8th October at Halesowen swimming baths. The swimming club that arranged it is called Swim For It. Tommy swam 2 lengths and Evie swam 75. All the money hasn't been handed in yet but as soon as we know how much they raised we will let you know. Thank you and a big well done !

A Great Big Thank You To All The Great North Runners

Image: photo_group__medium.jpgA huge thank you from Max Appeal to all 36 runners who completed the Great North Run on September 10th 2017.
Over 18,000 raised so far.
It was a fantastic day, the weather was good, and the runners did a brilliant job. Here are a list of the runners and times:
Callum Riley - 01:31.25
Mark Nettleton - 01:35:36
Sean Doughty - 01:37:33
Andrew Cooper - 01:52:53
Ryan Cooke - 01:54:00
Scott Madden - 01:54:03
John Doyle - 01:54:21
Dan Evans - 01:54:52
Aidan McCabe - 01:56:17
Donna Morton - 02:05:27
Trevor Sutcliffe - 02:06:06
David Hill - 02:12:21
Richard Parry - 02:16:50
George Morgan - 02:17:14
Archie Wootton - 02:17:51
Joanna Barnsley - 02:21:57
Alan Wainwright - 02:22:52
Jo Rainsbury - 02:24:41
John Prendergast - 02:25:28
Joanne Griffin - 02:27:03
Philippa Reed - 02:27:04
John Deason - 02:29:46
Olwyn Wainwright - 02:30:24
Paula Titley - 02:36:34
Lauren Smith - 02:42:11
Georgia Lennard - 02:45:31
Adele Naisbitt - 02:52:45
Jeannette Sullivan - 02:54:27
Grant Smith - 02:55:27
Georgia Wootton - 03:03:51
Alexandra Lynch - 03:09:55
Michaela Lynch - 03:09:56
Helen Biggs - 03:14:52
Lynne Gillham - 03:14:52
Caira Richardson - 04:21:40

Wow - Matthew Dodd. 140km !!!!

Image: 345016120_medium.jpgIn total Matthew managed 140 km (87 miles) with a mixture of running and walking (mainly running in the first half and mainly walking in the second half) and raised an amazing 1600.

Thank you so much for all of your support Matthew. - He also ran the London Marathon for us too!

Well done.

Matthew Dodd....

Image: 173818168_medium.jpgMatthew Dodd....

A huge thank you to Jenny Cooper and her Husband

A massive thank you to Jenny Copper and her husband who both completed a 50k bike ride and raised well over 1,500 for Max Appeal.

A big thank you to Catherine Flemans

Image: newspaper_pic_medium.jpgThank you to Catherine Flemans for her fundraising Zumbathon...

A big thank you to Catherine Flemans

Image: picture_medium.jpgA big thank you to Catherine Flemans who organised a fundraising Zumbathon at her local gym. 70 people turned up and all danced for two hours in severe heat to raise money for two great cause including Max Appeal. They also made the local paper aswell. Catherine was very proud as Zak (her son with 22q) did the last two dances with her. They raised about 600 for Max Appeal.

Well done and a huge thank you Catherine on behalf of Max Appeal

22q at the Zoo 21st May 2017

Image: 3_zoo_medium.pngThank you to Chris Ryan and Link2Connect in helping sponsor 2017 22q at the Zoo.

A big thank you to Geoff Kirk - Wolds Way Run 22nd May 2017

Thank you to Geoff KirkThe MG Car Club East Yorks welcomed members from Max Appeal and we raised 300+ from the raffle. More importantly we got a mention on Radio Humberside and Look North featured the cars. A gentleman from Doncaster took details to send some pennies from a charitable coffee morning that they run. Even more important the families that turned up had a great time. Thanks to Mark Tripp and Debbie Payne for making the run up, Susan Colley and others who I can't remember, sorry. It is thought that we can make it better next year, so watch this space.

A big thank you to Marie Jenkins 100,000 steps....

Thank  you Marie Jenkins - 100,000 stepsThis is Marie's story....
I decided to do a step challenge in February to mark Rare Disease Day. I measured my steps In January and decided to aim to do more in February - 100,000 in fact!

I have a rare hereditary disease myself which leaves me walking not very well at all and on two sticks so unlike friends and family I can't do a marathon or a 10k but I wanted to make sure I challenged myself.

I wanted to raise money for the Max Appeal as my niece has DiGeorge syndrome and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law have had so much help for Amelia from you guys.

I've been out in the rain, the snow and even storm Brenda to get my steps up and I'm pretty proud to say that with one day to go I've already smashed my target and done over 165,000 steps. My knees are definitely feeling it as are my trainers which I've had to replace as they wore out!

I'm pushing the challenge today so that I can reach my fundraising target of 250. I've already got through my target for Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia Support Group, which offers a load of help for people with the same condition as me so it only seems right to push a bit harder to get through this one too.

Well done Marie... and thank you

A big thank you to Anne Barlow for Santa Letters

Image: santa_medium.pngAnne's Story .....I have been organising Santa letters for over ten years now and people kept saying I should charge for them, which was not in the spirit in which they are 'arranged'. So a few years ago I asked if anyone wanted to make a donation to Max appeal instead. Every year around 200 comes in and I purchase the materials myself and make the letters.

The letters include a personalised letter from Santa that the parents submit a template for, some chocolate a bag of reindeer food, a special voucher for good children to exchange for present if they leave it out xmas eve, a few puzzles / glider and of course chocolate. They all come in a box with a north pole Franking stamp and I also place fake snow in there.

From starting with doing 5 or 6 its grown into about 50 but I do get more money for Max Appeal so really rewarding and shares some awareness too. Over the years I would say I have raised over 800 and on the year my husband and stepdaughter ran for Max Appeal in the London Marathon the additional Money helped reach their target. I have letter templates from new baby to non believers and enjoy seeing the kids grow up through them and also the desirable toys each year. I would love to really do more but its time I am short of as with so many people.

Thank you Dorne and Friends

Image: img_3802_medium.jpgFor the month of November Dorne and friends helped raise awareness by arranged the following:

Pub quiz 150 raised
Violets pre school raised 28 doing a doctors and nurses day
Lily and Ivys school, the William Alvey school, did an awareness assembly where Lee and Lily spoke and the children did a non uniform day raising 300.

Thank you for your continued support.

A big thank you to Shaun Popple for shaving his top knot !

Image: shaun48135044_medium.jpgA big thank you to Shaun Popple for raising 155 for Max Appeal. He shaved his top knot off before Christmas !! Thank you Shaun and well done.

Thank you Steve Chappell and the Post Office

Thank you Steven Chappell for your donation of 333 and thank you to the Post Office for match funding of 200. We really do appreciate your support.

Jonathan Lee Recruitment

jlThank you to Jonathan Lee Recruitment for nominating Max Appeal as their charity of the quarter. They have donated Max Appeal 250.
We really do appreciated your support.

Thank you Evanbrook for your Xmas Jumper Day

mcThank you to Michaela Cook and her colleagues at Evanbrook for holding a Christmas Jumper day. All donations for the day were made to Max Appeal and they made an impressive woolly amount 175.
Thank you for your support.

A big thank you to Dan Howcroft

Charity Quiz NightThank you to Dan Howcroft and his local golf club for organising a charity quiz night and raising funds for Max Appeal. Dan's nephew has 22q and he wanted to do something for the charity. Dan raised 1,000 from the quiz night, 400 from Howdens and 500 from his golf society. Thank you Dan

Have a Brew !

Image: 29998567_medium.jpgThank you Deborah Noblett for arranging a get together, raffle, Tombola etc, proceeds to Max Appeal, at Roccoccos coffee lounge & bakery on Wednesday 2nd November. They raised an impressive 333.
Thank you so much for your support.
Image: 184564936_medium.jpgAttached are photos of Helen, me, Helen Meldrum, Matthew & Arron one of the volunteers who gave us first class service with our brews. (Deborah)

Le Tour de Bathams!

Thank you Nigel Moseley at Tulleys for raising 600 via his Le Tour de Bathams, a fundraising pub crawl on bikes round the Black Country. Hoping to see photo's of this!

Kelly's Nuclear races

Thank you Kelly for running (walking lol) a 6k obstacle course for Max Appeal and raising 485.
Well Done !

Mel's mad weekend of exercisethon!

Big thank you to Mel Chase for raising 1370 for Max Appeal. Well Done!

A huge thank you to Toby Gowan and his brother running in the Frankfurt Marathon

Toby Gowan runs Frankfurt marathonMy brother and I ran our first marathon on the 30th October in Frankfurt. We wanted to raise money Max Appeal. Our sister, Harry, has the condition and we have seen first-hand how life changing it is. Having said that, harry is a very positive and upbeat person who throws herself into everything and long may that continue! Our father Danny Gowan ran a 25k race a couple of years back raising for Max Appeal and we both also wanted to build on his good work.
The course was pretty flat with a few dips and plenty of support over the distance. Personally it was a race of two half's for me! I hit the half marathon at around 1h 32 which was a bit too fast and I paid for it in the second lap! The last 5ks were a horror show but the support we received as we came back into the city centre made sure both legs kept moving. I eventually finished up with a time of 3h 17. My Brother, Tom took me to the cleaners and came in at an amazing 2h 57. I promise I am not bitter....
We smashed our target on the raising front coming in at just under 3k. Both raising and running this marathon have been fantastic experiences and thank you to Max Appeal for all their support along the way as well. We both look forward to working together again in the future!

Thank you Mark Billingham

Image: mark_b_medium.pngThank you Mark for raising over 200 for Max Appeal.
The Challenge is an annual event we do at Vodafone raising money for a charity of our choice
This year it was a 10k run, 1000 stair climb and an abseil off the top of Man City's stadium

A Massive Thank You to Ryan Pritchard.

Image: rp_medium.pngThank you Ryan for raising over 500 for Max Appeal.
I decided to run the Cardiff Half Marathon for Max Appeal, to thank you for all of the fantastic resources you provide to support families effected by 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. My son, Ben was diagnosed 3 years ago and we have found excellent advice, support, information and guidance from your website.
I was pleased to complete the race in 1 hour 52 minutes. It was only my second event like this and I beat my previous time, despite being full up with a cold!
It was a great day, perfect running weather and an amazing atmosphere amongst all the runners and supporters. I have been overwhelmed with the donations from friends, family and work colleagues and feel proud to have contributed to this charity.

Charity Night

Thank you Anita and Brothers of charity for holding a quiz night and raising a wonderful 370 for Max Appeal.

Brothers of Charity Right Arrow

Thank you Polwarth Nearly New Sale.

maxThank you so much for your support to Max Appeal and a massive thank you for the fundraising and donation of 900.00

This money will really help to support families who are affected by 22q.

The Polwarth nearly new sale is always a busy sale with ques along the street. I love this sale for kids stuff and always get great bargains! Its always buzzing and full of people of all ages. It's run within Polwarth Church and some funding goes to the church. Other funding goes to charities. I saw on their previous poster that they had charities along the bottom and loved the thought of Max Appeal appearing on it and raising awareness of 22q as no one has ever heard of it. The money is split between the chosen charities and all the hard work is done by the girls that run it, Elaine and friends. I was amazed by the amount donated to Max Appeal and extremely grateful they replied to my emails and were happy to include Max Appeal.

A big thank you to Sue, Lucy & Nicola Gilbert for completing the Colour Run and raising just over 800

The Gilberts complete the Colour RunWe had a great laugh on the walk, and are all so pleased to have raised so much for our chosen charity Max Appeal. We chose Max Appeal because it helps people with VCFS like my sister Lucy who walked with us. The syndrome has given her very painful joints, particularly her knees, so this walk was really an accomplishment for her. Heres us at the beginning and end! We raised just over 800.

A big thank you to Lisa Franklin & Amanda Burgoyne who raised over 800 at Annual Duck Race

Duck RaceAmanda and myself have been wanting to raise some money for Max Appeal for a long time and were just waiting for the right opportunity to do so. My dad was helping to organise an Annual Duck Race Day so we asked if we could have a stall which he said he yes and then told us that Max Appeal would be one of their main charities on the day and we would get to keep any money made on out stall plus 25% of the overall money taken on the day we were thrilled. Amanda is an amazing baker and said she would make all sorts of goodies to sell on the stall, fudge, brownies, hot chocolate stirrers and more, we also had cupcake decorating which went down brilliant with all the children who came. Amanda made some lovely raffle prizes too and the tickets sold well for that. We were so busy on our stall all day that we didn't manage to get any actual pictures of the duck races or get to see any of them. We would like to say a massive thank you to my dad Graham Franklin and NACCA for letting us have out stall at their event and for Max Appeal being one of the main charities. We raised just over 800 for Max Appeal.

A big thank you to Mark Elston - Iron Man Challenge - raising 1,444.00

Iron Man ChallengeA 70 mile triathlon. The event went really well, apart from torrential rain on the bike section!

It was quite emotional as I rode into the event site to transition from bike to run. I only started completing triathlons this year & I'd put a lot of effort into my swimming & running in particular, so I was so happy to see my wife and kids as I started the half marathon!

When I started to feel tired, I just thought of my daughter Heidi and all of the operations, hospital appointments & other challenges that she's had with Di George Syndrome. My pain was nothing & it really helped my motivation.

Thank you Ellie for fundraising for Max Appeal - completing colour obstacle rush

Image: 2_medium.jpgEllie's fundraising on behalf of Max appeal, she successfully completed the colour obstacle rush at Uttoxeter racecourse on Saturday 18th June 2016.
So far her JustGiving page has raised just over 100 and the sponsor sheet has 119.
It was a brilliant effort by her and we are very proud of her efforts! Alex her brother(22q11 deletion) enjoyed watching her take on the challenge of the course and was at the finish line to greet her along with her mum Stephanie
Kind regards Ian Kinnear

Well Done Ellie. Brilliant fundraising. A huge Thank You from Max Appeal

Graham & Lesley Allen. Thank you for your Support

Last Saturday (19th June) Lesley held a table top sale in Aid of Max Appeal on the street outside their house. She was ably assisted by Tom Wilson along with his older brother and sister Niall and Niamh. It was part of a neighbourhood sale day where there were up to 40 stalls.

Every one was very generous and Lesley raised 125.75p on the day.

Wonderful support. Thank you all that helped.

Thank you James Parker & KiffKaf

Wonderful support from James and KiffKaf. They raised 95.30 for Max Appeal. Thanks guys.

Thank you Team Lucia

Team Lucia - Manchester 10K runTeam Lucia - Manchester 10K run
On Sunday 22nd May, "Team Lucia" ran the Manchester 10k, there was 14 of us in total, running in Max Appeal t-shirts, helping raise awareness of 22q11DS. Knowing all these people were running for our little girl was amazing and quite emotional, we can't thank them all enough!!! Race day was brilliant, the atmosphere and support from spectators along the route was amazing. Lucia was waiting at 4K with her big brother, Grandma and Grandpa to cheer us all on - she definitely gave her Daddy and me the boost we needed to get round. We started out just wanting to raise awareness for Max Appeal and 22q, with hopefully raising a few s along the way. We definitely didn't expect to raise as much as we did - 2,590 - and we are so grateful to everyone who has supported us. xxxxx

Big Thank you to Team Lucia from Max Appeal.Well Done.

Music for Zack

mfzSammi Foreman & family & friends held a fund raising night called Music for Zack on the 6th May.
There were 3 bands who performed (all giving their time for free)
Sammi would personally like to thank: Debbie, Carl, all the band's, and everyone else who went and donated.

They raised a whopping 2382.15, and 476.43 of that goes to Max Appeal.

Thank you guys for your support.

To see more info & photos please click link below to Facebook.
https://www.facebook.com/events/990313434395686/?active_tab=posts Right Arrow

A Massive Thank You to Tom Naughton

Tom ran the London Marathon 24th May 2016 and so far has raised a massive 1916.39.
Thank you so much for your support.

Dave Jones & Family

Image: charity_night_280024352_medium.pngA wonderful massive thank you to Dave Jones, family & friends for raising 4000.
Dave ran the London Marathon in 4hr 12m.
A charity night with band was also organised and everyone had lots of fun, whilst raising money for Max Appeal.

Wow.. Thank you Claire Homhuan

chThank you Claire for running the London Marathon on the 24th April 2016. A HUGE 3370.67 raised.
Thank you Claire, for supporting Max Appeal

A Huge Thank you to the The East Yorkshire MG Car

mgFor raising 240 for Max Appeal

For the full story please see:
www.maxappeal.org.uk/news/content.asp?ni=359 Right Arrow

Easter Raffle

Image: easter_raffle_medium.jpg****** Max Appeal Easter Raffle ******
Leah Ryan made a marvellous Easter Egg Basket. Thank you Leah
Tickets were 1 (& 23p paypal fee) each and we raised 30.
The Winning ticket was won by Sophie Brumfitt.
Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket.

A HUGE Well Done and Thank You to Lee and Mark Mitchell.

Image: picture180881376_medium.png

Lee and his brother completed their ultra challenges to raise funds for Max Appeal. Dorne Mitchell appealed to SJP after Ivy won child of bravery award and they have also contributed to the appeal.

We have now closed the page with a total of over 7000! THANK YOU SO MUCH... THAT IS FANTASTIC.XX.

Ivy had further heart surgery in November thankfully she made it home for Christmas. She is requiring ventilator again but hopefully this is short term she has amazed us all again!

Crocodile Toy Shop - Thank you for your support

maxHere's Max working (as he does every Friday morning) with his uncle Mark at Crocodile Toy shop,Cirencester with the Maxappeal moneyspinner. A fantastic 262.15 has been raised-

Smith & Williamson - Thank you

Smith & Williamson 200.00 as nominated by Alison Moynihan

Esher Probes Group and John Leitch - Thank you.

Esher Probus Group and John Leitch 200.00, speakers cheque and personal donation , with BP MATCH FUNDING of 200 to follow.

Kingston Choral Society and Hereford Cathedral School - Thank you

Duncan Wilkins 125.00 concert fees donated by Kingston Choral Society and Hereford Cathedral School.

The Burgoyne Family - Max Appeal Thanks you for your support.

The Burgoyne Family 160.00 from the sale of reindeer food and donation from their daughters

The Orr Mackintosh Foundation - Thank you

ShareGift The Orr Mackintosh Foundation 1,000.00 as nominated by Ketan Pankhania.

Max Appeal Thanks you Sharon Deyell

Sharon Deyell 100.00 from their annual swapshop

Zumbathon - What a great way to raise funds for Max Appeal

kyThank you to Kirsty Yeung for raising over 600.

Recently I took part in a 2 hour zumbathon on 21/11/2015 in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders to raise money for Max Appeal. My daughter has 22q and my mother helped to arrange this event. The zumba instructor will send through the final donation when all counted. So far I'm aware that it is over 600. Here are just a couple of photos from the day. A great morning for a great cause.

Thank you so Much Louise Henderson for your "Have a Brew for 22Q"

louiseLovely note from Louise who raised a whopping 227.

Super chuffed to report that I raised 227!! Thanks to everyone who has donated and thanks to everyone who posted their brew photos! To only have 4 people come I am super chuffed I've raised a fab amount for Max Appeal so I don't feel I've let you down. And super chuffed Sarah won the Christmas cake raffle. I love you all, thanks for all the encouragement and support xx

Have a Brew at the Tripps 21st November 2015

ktThat's a fantastic looking table of cakes.
Thank you for raising a wonderful 263 at your Have a Brew for 22q.

Massive Thank you to Carol Trip for holding a Have A Brew in Cyprus !!!!

ctOver 100 raised for Max Appeal.
The first international "Have a Brew for 22Q" event.
Full story please click link.
https://www.maxappeal.org.uk/news/content.asp?ni=292&adminaction=edit Right Arrow

Many thanks to Peter Heley

Many thanks to Peter Heley who secured 500 for Max Appeal through his employer London Overground Railway.

Great work Peter, thank you for supporting Max Appeal.

Thank you Harry Jones....

Thanks to Harry Jones nephew of Dave Jones, who completed his first half marathon at the Birmingham Half marathon raising 274.

Well done and thank you for supporting Max Appeal.

Thank you Jayne for holding a "Have a brew for 22q" fundraiser for Max Appeal

jrA massive thank you to Jayne Rabbitts for her "Have a brew for 22Q" event.

She says they all had an amazing time with lots of people.

Her daughter works for Waitrose and they kindly donated some really nice raffle prizes.

They raised a whopping 300!


Bingo Night May 2015

bnBack in May Mark attended the bingo night run Kay Martin ( mum of Terri Martin and grand mother to Jacob ) in Kings Lynn.
We received a cheque for 455 that they had raised.

Thank you all so much for your support and a thank you for holding a fun bingo night for Max Appeal

John Disley Oxford Half Marathon

jdA massive cheers and thank you to John Disley for his support to Max Appeal by running the Oxford Half Marathon.
At present 755 raised and still coming.
Well done John !!!

John Disley Oxford Half Marathon

jdJohn Disley

Studio 3 Dance Workshop - Thank you so much for your support

ewStudio 3 Dance Workshop put on a show on the 19th September and all funds are being donated to Max Appeal. They raised an amazing 174.00.

In support of a little girl who has the condition 22q11 deletion called Leah Wilkins who lives in Knaresborough.

A few details
Thank you........
to all the girls for their hard work and commitment over the summer holidays.
to Marie Jones, Natalie Thomas & Alison Irek for their help and support today.
to Sara Rishton for costumes

Thank you Viv......

for the last 30 years of great teaching, great fun and great friendships that last a lifetime.
for your support and advice in the organising of this show.
Donations from tonight show will go to:-

in support of Leah Wilkins, a little girl from Knaresborough with 22q11 deletion.

Family Fun Day organised by Emma Wilkins 26th September 2015

ewEmma organised a fantastic family fun day with all monies raised donated to Max Appeal.

Over 400 people came and over 500 was raised.

They had a funfair, candy floss, popcorn, carts, assault course, bouncy castles, raffles and tombolo. A bar and burger vans.

Thank you so much Emma for all of your time and effort arranging this wonderful day.

Looks like it was a great success

ewLooks like it was a great success

Disco bouncy Castles !!!

ewFun on the bouncy disco castles.



Thank you Kayleigh Michelle Bentley...

kmThe weekend of 12th September Kayleigh took Max Appeal to Belvoir castle and took part in Equinox24.

This is a 24 hour relay race, each lap of this hilly cross country course is 10k, she was part of a team and 5 of them covered 30 k each the other 2 covered 20k. Kayleigh ran in the pitch black of the night ( 2nd lap started at 00:35) and promoted max appeal the whole way round as so many people asked questions about it.

She thanks her lovely team mates for the donations

Where will she take her vest next? The London Marathon 2016 by the looks of it.

To donate and sponsor Kayleigh, her just giving page link is below.

uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=KayleighMcGettigan Right Arrow

Great North Run 2015 - Team Max Appeal

gnr 2015A huge thank you to all who took part in the Great North Run 2015 on behalf of Max Appeal.
Monies raised so far is 16,400. That is AMAZING.

For the full story please click the link below:
https://www.maxappeal.org.uk/news/content.asp?ni=265&adminaction=edit Right Arrow

188 Mile Bike ride for Max Appeal

PHA tremendous thank you to Phillip Hume and Team for their epic bike ride:


I am very proud to announce that a team of eight cyclists supported by five crew completed an epic bike ride on Saturday, leaving Knutsford at 6am & arriving 188 miles later in Bath at 7pm.

It was a warm day too with some pretty steep climbs akin to the mountain stages on the Tour De France so this was certainly not an easy course.

Attached are a few photos from the day.

So it's a HUGE congratulations to those who took part & a BIG thanks from those charities for whom you worked so hard for.

Lynette Dakin - Have a Brew for 22q - Fabulous Fundraising

ldLynette and family held a Have a Brew for 22q and raised an impressive 250.
They had some fantastic raffle prizes.
Thank you so much from All at Max Appeal for your fundraising.

A MASSIVE Thank You to Radhika McCathie - London Marathon 2015

rA MASSIVE Thank You to Radhika McCathie

Radhika says she "had a fab day, hard work but crowds amazing. I would consider doing it again but I think I would like to have some company for the run next time.

I did it in 4hours and 13 mins exactly."

Total raised 1280 to date - WOW !!!

Thank you Radhika.

Tunnel 2 Towers Walk

Image: tunnels_2_towers_walk_medium.jpgWell done and thank-you to everyone who took part and supported the walk.

Estimates for the monies raised is 1,000!!!

Great effort by Hannah, Cerys, Debbie, Chris and Mark and Tracey who were right behind them!

https://www.maxappeal.org.uk/fundraising/marathons/marathons/content.asp?s=67&p=77 Right Arrow

Max Appeal Youth Weekend, Cranham Scout Camp. 23rd- 26th May 2015

Special thanks also to Mary Lonsdale in helping to keep the kitchen running smoothly and supplying plenty of food, Sarah Ryan for her help and all her wonderful cakes and all the parents who came along and helped out and generally ensured the camp was another successful Max Appeal Activity.

Please click link below for full story.
https://www.maxappeal.org.uk/news/content.asp?ni=243 Right Arrow

A massive Thank you to our very own Martin Kennedy

martin kMartin raised 830 for Max Appeal on this 5 ferries bike challenge around Scotland.

Martin starts....

martin kAnd so the day starts. Buying the ferry tickets after riding 20 miles up the coast from where the ride finishes.

A HUGE Well Done and Thank You to Lee and Mark Mitchell.

lee mFundraising and raising awareness is also on target, we have almost hit the 3000 mark with donations and support from people all over the world, we have organised bake sales, a raffle and a medieval night as well as friends doing challenges themselves for Max Appeal and supporting us, our Church St Botolphs at Quarrington and Sleaford Town Football club have all been involved in supporting the appeal. The local Gym, Fitness Zone is organising a pamper day, we have a Race Night and a few other things coming up to help us hit the magic 5000 and above.

Newspapers, radio stations have all been involved in raising awareness of 22Q11DS and I speak about it at every chance I get at all the events and on my travels.

For full story and their just giving page....
https://www.maxappeal.org.uk/news/content.asp?ni=242 Right Arrow

Teri Martin's Darts Night...

dartsOur own Mark Tripp reporting:

They raised a fantastic amount of 611 on the night,

It was a fantastic night but very boozy, as I was driving I was probably the only sober one in the building, to put it into context they raised 90 on the night selling vodka jellies etc and the Jaager Bombs were in full force.

It was a great night and the darts was very competitive, Max Appeals very own Teri Martin hitting the winning double top to claim the ladies triple title for her team.

The raffle raised 218 which was mainly booze and then it was promptly auctioned back to the audience and hence why the total kept growing. After I had made my speech one gentlemen walked up and gave me 100 from his pocket, it was his bookies money for the following day but wanted to give it to Max Appeal instead. - Thank you Mr Anonymous.

All in all it was a fantastic night with some very caring, honest and also very generous people who came to watch and play darts but left with an interest in 22q and Max Appeal.

It was my privilege to represent Max Appeal.
Mark Tripp

Looks like Darts nights was great fun and a fabulous fund raiser for Max Appeal

dartsTeri's team is called the Friar also a team from the 'Half Butt' Inn were also there and playing their last ever game due to the pub closing, at the end of the night they gave us 40 which was the last of the club funds.

Teddy Bear Cake Raffle

srcakeSarah Ryan was busy baking cakes again for the Max Appeal Youth Weekend.

Thank-you for another Teddy Bear Cake which was raffled and raised 19.

Well done Sarah.

A Huge Thank you to Matt Dodd for all your hard work and fundraising.

mdMatt raised an amazing 4054.05 for Max Appeal. See the link below for the full story.

https://www.maxappeal.org.uk/news/content.asp?ni=230 Right Arrow

Thank-you to the MG Car Club, East Yorkshire

Image: mg_rally_medium.jpgGeoff and Christine Kirk are members of the MG Car Club and at this year's Wolds Way Run, East Yorkshire they raised 325 with a raffle.

Geoff and Christine were also able to give out lots of information about 22q11DS to the 94 entrants.

Thank-you to everyone who took part.

Thank you Nicola Shelock

Nicola ShelockNicola ran the Hackney Half Marathon on the 10th May and has raised a huge 800 so far...
... You may have reported "knackered legs" but you're looking great to us...

London Marathon runners....26th April 2015

A huge well done and congratulations to all of the London Marathon runners who ran for Max Appeal...
Matthew Dodd 3.15.23
Rahdika McCathie 4.13.00
Tom Vitulli 4.20.38
Ste Wallis 4.35.55
Sam Chapman 5.35.19
Paige Taylor 5.49.23
Shelly Chapman 7.53.02

tRailBlazer Walk 13th March 2015

Salisbury StationA huge thank you to Simon Evans and the tRailBlazer team who walked from stations of Eggesford to Umberleigh in North Devon. It's approximately 12 miles in length and will follow as closely as possible the railway line by using roads, footpaths and bridleways.
They raised OVER 3,000 for Max Appeal. MASSIVE !!!!!!

The figure keeps going up and now likely to be over 4,000.
Claire Hennessey was pleased to meet some of the tRAILblazers team at Salisbury train station in June and accept a cheque on behalf of Max Appeal. It was especially good to meet Harry and his family who are Max Appeal members.

https://www.maxappeal.org.uk/events/content.asp?ms=5&ei=117 Right Arrow

tRAILblazers at Salisbury Train Station

Salisbury Signal boxA huge thank-you to everyone who took part and everyone who sponsored the walk this year.

The best fundraising result so far in the group's history!

It was great to meet Harry and have a view of the signal box controlling the local lines.

tRAILblazers 2015

TrailblazersTrailblazers 2015

tRAILblazers Walk 13th March 2015

Trailblazers2Long Walk....

Asda Cheltenham Bag Pack 22nd February 2015

A great big thank you to Asda in Cheltenham for letting Max Appeal hold a bag pack instore on the 22nd February.

Cakes, coffee and more cakes......29th December 2014

cakeA massive thank you to Lucia Sheikey, mum of Muhammed.
they raised a huge 562.47 for Max Appeal. Lots of lovely fun for the kids and cakes and hot food for everybody. What a great day it looks. It's making me very hungry. Thank you all who took part.

Lots more lovely cake....

cakes 2How delicious....

Fright Night Hike 1st November 2015...A huge thank you to Liam Urtone

Liam raised 167 for Max Appeal for Hiking through the night and hopefully wasn't too scary.
Thanks again for your support.

Have a Brew at the Mitchells

Susie Mitchell and family held a "Have a Brew for 22q" and raised a massive 432.26. We thank you all, Susie, Rob, Max & Helena so much for your support. It sounds like you all had a lovely day.

Mead Open Farm 14th December 2014 - Thank you to the Ryans

Mark and cakeSarah, Chris and Leah Ryan did another wonderful job of arranging a get together for Max Appeal Members at Mead Open Farm on the 14th December 2014.
Thank you Sarah, Chris and Leah for another fantastic day. It was a great opportunity for families and kids to meet up and have a wonderful time (and visit santa)
A cake was made by Sarah and presented to Mark Tripp, thanking him for all the wonderful work he has done arranging the Max Appeal Train.

Thank you Sarah and family for organising Mead Open Farm 14th Dec 2014

Thank you Sarah and family for organising Mead Open Farm 14th Dec 2014.

Staines Christmas Parade 23 November 2014

ShrekThank you to Steve Barlow and Two Rivers Shopping Centre for choosing Max Appeal as their designated charity on the 23 November 2014.
They have raised over 1000 during their Magical Movies Christmas Parade and fairground.
Steve dressed up as Shrek ... see photo.
There is also a great news article attached.
Thank you from Max Appeal for your support.

Fundraising day at Specsavers.

Thank you to Haylie Pritchard and Specsavers in Spytty Road:
They wore silly wigs and did face painting instore
They raised a wonderful 60 for Max Appeal
Thank you for your support.

Thank you to Michelle Ford and family for the Christmas Stamps

These will help save Max Appeal money as we send out so much out in the post.